Koen Oosterbroek

Creative one-stop-shop.

Strategy, Direction, Production, Design.



I started in 2007 as a freelance multimedia designer, working for brands and digital agencies. When clients started expecting the full package I grew out to become a creative one-stop-shop. I take on projects big and small, traversing strategy and content creation.

After twelve years of working in the creative industry my capabilities span the entire creative spectrum, covering anything you could possibly want from a boutique creative partner, and probably more. Whether you just need me for a brainstorm sesh, producing a single visual production, or directing a multidimensional project.

I have worked on various projects for (but not limited to) these brands. For my portfolio, please visit my studio page.

PennyLane studios

PennyLane is your family of creative specialists. We have an enormous passion for producing branded content around the world, enforcing brand strategies and marketing goals.

Our production capabilities span the entire creative spectrum, covering anything you could .possibly want from a production partner, and probably more.

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  • Founder GivingPlatform Foundation

    Founded by Koen in 2017, GivingPlatform Foundation enables anyone in The Netherlands to brighten up the day of a stranger, by sending surprise gifts. The online portal made it possible for anyone to choose another person to give to.

    GivingPlatform (project closed 2019) has brought moments of joy to hundreds of lonely elderly, people in poverty, refugees, and severely ill.

    The project succeeded in its crowdfunding campaign with the help of many amazing friends and has been featured on Dutch national new stations. The project has been one of the most beautiful ventures to we worked on to date, and we’d love to thank anyone involved.

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Traveling Filmmaker

Koen can be hired as a solo short-documentary filmmaker or as a producer/director of (his) team.

From the Shan mountains of Myanmar to the remote Togean Islands in Sulawesi, Koen has captured the stories of beautiful people and projects, often working with brands or NGO’s.

Adventure Films
  • Founder Vida (IOS)

    Launched by Koen in 2013, Vida enabled thousands of iPhone users worldwide to be more effective at reaching their life goals.

    Vida was a completely unique ‘gamified’ productivity app. Users earned points and leveled-up while working on their personal development. The app provided clarity and control over life ambitions while motivating the user to be at their best.

    Vida was sold to AppTopia in 2014