Koen Oosterbroek

Freelance Media
Producer, Strategist, and Director.

Currently in Amsterdam but flying out to clients. 

Inquiries: info@koenoosterbroek.com

I make media
to tell your story.

Koen Oosterbroek is an internationally operating freelance multimedia maker.

Functioning as a one-stop shop, Koen works closely with clients to strategically plan and execute the highest quality content for marketing. He delivers storytelling concepts, digital designs, animations (motion graphics), video productions, product photography, social media content, e-mail marketing visuals, UI/UX design, complete websites, landing pages, and advertisements.


Koen has worked on projects for the following brands, marketing teams, studios, agencies, startups, and non-profit organisations.

KoenOosterbroek_ProjectsandClientsKoen loves working in fields related to impact and documentary filmmaking. He believes media to be a strong tool for creating positive global change.